The first time Blog –

Well, this is my official intro blog- this one is always hardest ,. isnt it ? What do u say  -if u write too much , your wordy and mouthy – If u write a short intro , you are dull … Oh the pressures of a blank , brand new blog. So Ill just start



 Im Ashlee ,hi. (this is where you feel all warm inside when you discover how down to earth and real I am  😛 ).  I have just turned 29 in April and I have gotten this crazy idea in my head this is it  – its my last year of being in my ’20’s” – late 2o’s , whatever . This is it , my friend. You cant get away with things anymore in your 30’s like you could when you were 20- something . Or so I have it played out in my head.

This is the year  I go as far and as crazy as I can with my photography, with my boy, who u will hear about often , =I will love harder than ever to those who are amazing aound me and  distance myself , a much needed step in my life , to the ones who make me stress … I will say yes to more invitations , eat rich foods  that in a few years may be the reason for a heart valve to bust , a kidney to stop functioning , or just make me feel like junk . But , this is the year. 2012 , is the awaking period.  Can u join me on this journey ?