kids and all the awesomeness that comes with them :)

   I am a mom of two boys – Parker is almost 9 , but has been a little man all of his life -a realist , a no- nonsense kinda guy ;then there is Payton who just turned 6 – also known frequently as Payt, Dooders, Toogie  and whatever else just fits at the time 🙂 He is more of the loving , pick flowers for me along the road , and still has to sleep with a teddy bear , which I for one think is pretty adorable .the accidental muse

   As a photographer , there have always been cameras in their faces – not really demanding the classic” look over here at mommy!!” but more of a silent documentary of their lives – side views , food on the faces, jumping in mid air shots from the trampoline  kinda feel . But now , they are getting older and its not really cool for mom to  mug them , and Payt is just plain disgusted when the Canon comes out .  And now that my job is to take pictures of other people’s kids , I feel a sense of lonlieness sometimes behind the camera for my own babies – the toothless grins , little ladies in tutus , a candid shot on the beach  – How many of us photog moms have  this problem – we have drowned our children in our obsession 😛 , begging of them with all of our hearts to just take this last one ?   Why must they be so darn cute ??