50 shades of perfect – changing the face of perfection –

So, its been bouncing in my head a while, but I have finally decided to just do it – Go with it – I am starting a campaign called “50 Shades of Perfect-Changing the Face of Perfection”… I want 50 faces by the end of the summer , 3 final images – one of their face , one with a card stock block for them to write whatever they want about themselves that they like , and the third will  say I AM BEAUTIFUL . I will be the first to start , and that will be very hard for me but if I dont , then whats the point of trying to rally  this ? Its a hard subject for me because I have always felt like the underdog – the one who is the “funny one ” but the face – as I approach   the 30 year mark for me next year , I dont want to go into this new realm of age with a vindeta against myself for not using every resource around me , not loving on everything I possibly could , Its time to see beauty in a whole different way , my lady friends , Damn those who told us what was beautiful . Im looking to change that , Its going to take alot of work  but its going to awesome!