Summer time calls for many pictures!

Summer time is def. a favorite around here – we sleep in a lot , eat alot of bad foods , laugh ALOT more than during the hectic web of school time . There is no homework to get through , no early bed times , no alarm clocks (well there is coming from Jeromie’s side of the bed ) , lots and lots of mini road trips to anywhere we can swim – swimming is a MUST- its just kind of carefree – I have the occassional photoshoot ,  but always fun – This is my favorite time to get candid shots of the boys – their whole demenor changes – maybe  its partly mine as well because Im not rushing around , trying to get things done before the boys get home , or maybe the freedom of not having to really be on  a schedule so much just … frees you –  I let the boys skip a few showers, stay up as late as they can stand it

 – and just be who they are – crazy little boys –  here are some straight out of the camera images from the start of our summer so far 🙂