Hanging My Shingle on the World ..

“The idea gradually dawned on me,” he later said, “that what we were doing was not merely making dry plates, but that we were starting out to make photography an everyday affair.” ……. “to make the camera as convenient as the pencil.” – George Eastman

So , I hope that every day , I find something amazing in the little things ! Today , my aunt , also business advisor , designer of such things like my contract , etc – made for me a self -inking rubber stamp with my A E Photography logo on it – I just about squealed and jumped up and down ! Ok , so it may be small to some , however , I am beginning to see all of these things with my logo on it . Letter headers, decals to go on car windows  that several members of my family have so  awesomly applied to their car windows,  rubber stamps, labels that have been designed to put on my discs- I now have a hanging file cabinet  – me , having organization tools – anyone who knows me knows that is pretty big . I have officially “hung my shingle” ,  – its pretty big to me  – BUt it doesnt mean anything at all of I no longer smile  about photography . If I ever lose the burning , frustrating , exciting , flying off my seat to get to my camera,  love for it , it will then be that time to call it quits , But –  I only pray I never forget why  I do this – its to step in-cog-neeto, freezing your memories , hopefully capturing raw , human emotion that would otherwise be possbily held back , hidden , or seized in the middle of if they knew someone was watching –  I LOVE IT – I talk about it too much , I spend too much money on it ,  I crave a perfect lit area and a clean memory card and 3 hours to work .   – yeah thats about right!!

Thank you , George Eastman , founder of Kodak  , for  thinking just regular folk had a chance at the camera- thanks alot , doll .


Did another 50 shades of perfect tonight – 47 more to go -soon to post !!