Bio: Its a pretty cliche story of myself - born and raised in the deep south of New Orleans , I was wisked away from my native lands in 2007 , onto my family farm in western Kentucky . Frustrated and unable to express my discontentment for the lack of culture in my new home place, and still stuck in the cloud of Cajun living , dancing in the streets of Bourbon at 3 am without a care , and the smells of the most amazing cullinary smartness found nowhere else but in the great state of Louisiana, I found an outlet to my madness. Photography. I have two boys , Parker and Payton and and a very -tolerent , patient and supportive husband , Jeromie, who all do not seem to mind my unsettling, impatient way of life. They are , without a doubt , some of my most favorite people on the planet and feel very blessed to share life with . Photography , to me , is the only way to survive slow , quiet little town life at times and couldnt give George Eastman , founder of Kodak cameras and film, a bigger pat on the back . I am grateful for each person who entrusts me for the capturing of their little moments , their little pieces of fame , or just little frozen memories in time - and I love to share that with others. There is nothing more amazing than a picture that makes you skip a breath and say 0 my gosh this is fantastic .

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